Maintenance Tips

1. Check your spare tire.

Keeping your spare tire inflated is just as important as the four tires under your car. The last thing you want is to find out your spare tire is flat while jacking up the trunk. You have to call a tow truck, which can cost you a lot. You're better off spending on an air pump to inflate your spare.This saves you the cost of a trailer.

Maintenance Tip: Check the air pressure in your drive tires and spare tire once a month.

2. Change oil.

How Big Can Your Car Oil Impact Your Budget? oh so much Oil problems can be some of the most expensive car maintenance issues to fix since oil affects so many of your car's functions. 

Maintenance Tip: Change your oil or follow your automaker's recommendations.

3. Keep the battery clean.

Corrosion (appearing as white or bluish powder) may form on the battery terminals. If you don't keep them clean, the battery may crack or malfunction, leaving you stranded. 

Maintenance Tip: Test your battery twice a year and inspect for corrosion.

4. Replace the brake pads.

Do you hear a squeaking noise when you step on the brakes? If so, your brake pads could be in their final stages. We know the price may seem high. But being able to stop before you're back in front of the Lexus is priceless.

Maintenance tip: Check the brake fluid for dark color every time you change the oil. Then you will have to change the brake system sooner rather than later.

5. Replace your air filter.

Your car's air filter prevents contaminants from entering through the vents.The air filter has a pretty important job, so you need to treat it well. Also, using an old air filter that has passed its usefulness can cause big problems for your air conditioner. 

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