Car Service Checklist

All vehicles need to be serviced regularly. Servicing Your vehicle ultimately determines the halth of your vehicle and can prevent major damages and can prolong the life of your vehicle.

Major Car Service Checklist

Pre-Engine Checks

Under The Bonnet

Raised vehicle
Changing oil, filtering and installing new sump washer
Checking fuel lines and brake lines
Checking exhaust condition and security
Checking and topping up rear axle and transfer case oil level
Checking and topping up transmission oil level
Checking all steering and suspension joints, brackets and bellows
Checking tires
Check all wheel bearings for excessive "play" and noise
Check bellows and constant velocity joints for wear or cracks
Check and adjust clutch setting
Lubricate all grease points
Check front brakes operation and condition
Check rear brakes operation and condition, including brake handset
Run brake report

Vehicle lowered
Add engine oil
Tighten wheel nuts/bolts
road test vehicle and report any results
Recheck engine oil level
Prepare emissions report
Service lights reset
Make sure all upholstery, shifter, steering wheel, etc. are cleaned